3 Secrets To Looking Great And Feeling Even Better

There’s something about the beginning of Autumn that makes us want to be us 2.0. September means back to the grind, whether it be school or work, so get energized and ready to give it your all. We asked Georgie Stevenson, a fit lady who always makes living happy and healthy a priority, for her favorite new ways to look good and feel even better.

1. Up Your Workout Routine: I’m into HIIT: high intensity interval training. With this type of training, you give it 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. I love it,it gets your heart rate way up and burns more fat in no time.

2. Ditch The Gym: I love long distance running at the moment. I like to set a distance goal and slowly work on getting faster and faster every time I run—it’s the best when I can take my dog with me. Otherwise, I make sure I get outside by taking my pup for morning fat burning walks.

3. Load Up Your Grocery Cart: Eat whole fresh foods. One great meal is eggs for added protein on top of the ever-popular avocado wholegrain toast. You can also get extra protein through  smoothie: my favorite is water, ice, banana, and 1 scoop of protein, blended.

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