3 Reasons Why Coretta Scott King Is The OG Bombshell


Coretta Scott King was one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. Yes, she appeared glamorous from head to toe, but that’s not what made her so special. She lived her life with a soul more stunning than her physical looks, a rare quality in a woman with so much power. She proved classier than all the rest, but at the same time was feisty for her goals. She came across as soft and kind, yet strong and blunt. This woman wanted nothing more than for the good of others, and unlike many people who simply dream of change, she actively made a difference. Coretta Scott King left a legacy the world is eternally grateful for, and that is why she is our favorite bombshell today. Although she is to be remembered for her great strides in Women’s and Civil Rights, she is also to be given credit for her always flawless appearance. Here are 3 reasons Mrs. King is the OG bombshell:


1. She was married to possibly, the best man that ever existed.

A man as miraculous as Martin Luther King doesn’t just choose a wife for his looks. Lucky for him, he won a stunning babe with a soul matched to his. Two good people rarely find one another, but perhaps he caused so many miracles that he was blessed with one himself.

2. She changed the world and looked great while doing it.

Politics today cause fashionistas strokes left and right. We see many a custom suit and that’s about it. Coretta somehow managed to look like a movie star at every moment. She wore big earrings, fancy hats, sleek dresses and she always had her hair done. Take notes powerful ladies!

3. She exuded class, but looked pretty darn sexy at the same time.

Maybe it was her sultry voice, or perhaps her famous side smirk. All we know is that many things contributed to her overall steamy aura, even when she was covered neck to ankle in clothing. Her fashion looks made her mysterious nature more relatable as she showed women they could look like a star even if they weren’t one.

Coretta Scott King looked like the woman that young girls wanted to be like. She lived as a beauty and style icon, but she always taught great lessons at the times she was admired. Today, we are grateful for this bombshell and all the work she contributed during her lifetime to her husband’s legacy.

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