29 Thoughts You Have When Your Sexting Buddy Asks For Nudes at a Bad Time

The digital age has changed the way we communicate, making everyone available pretty much 24/7 for any type of conversation. Including sexting. Of course the people you sext never hit you up for a nude when your home alone, all your roommates are gone, and you actually have your vibrator on hand to follow through with the whole “sex” part of sexting. Whether your in a car with your parents, or at work, doesn’t it always seem like boys always hit you up for sexting (and the nudes that will inevitably be a part of this conversation) at the most inconvenient times? Ever tried to keep your sexting conversation under wraps while your babysitting your mom’s best friend’s five year old? Or better yet, put monumental efforts into covertly snapping a pic of your boobs at the office to send to your boo because he’s like totally into work place hanky panky or whatever? If so, you probably had all of the following cross your mind:

  1. He wants to see a nude…?

  2. But, it’s 2 pm and i’m still at the office.

  3. Why are men always asking for nudes during the most inappropriate times?

  4. How is he even going to be able to look at it right now if HE’S at work.

  5. Wait — he does have a job…right? I didn’t imagine that?

  6. Okay so maybe he’s just gonna discretely look at it under his desk?

  7. Back to me though…

  8. How the hell am I supposed to take a nude at work?

  9. Should I get naked in the bathroom stall and snap a pic?

  10. Alright yes, let’s do this — i guess it’s kind of exciting?

  11. Like hooking up in a bathroom stall except I’m not hooking up with anyone.

  12. Cause it’s just me.

  13. Alone.

  14. Naked and taking a selfie.

  15. YOLO?

  16. Really hope my boss doesn’t walk in here right now.

  17. This fluorescent lighting is really doing my skin no favors.

  18. The things I’ll do for a great sext, jesus.

  19. This isn’t even sexy at this point– I’m butt naked in a public bathroom stall by myself!!!

  20. He better fucking appreciate this.

  21. Why is it so hard to take a good picture of myself naked?!!?

  22. Maybe I should just send him some old ones I sent to my ex?

  23. Would that be rude?

  24. I mean does he even deserve exclusive nudes?

  25. Oh shit, now the toilet is in the background of my pic…

  26. Wait, did he just text me back?

  27. “Got pulled into a last minute meeting, raincheck on those pics” are you fucking kidding me?!

  28.  This is exhausting. Fuck this.

  29. *texts* “Not really into this phone sex stuff how about we just bang IRL?”

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