27 Thoughts You Had the First Time You Hooked Up with a Girl

1. Oh wow…I’m kissing a girl…


3. She’s so pretty…

4. So, does this mean I’m gay?

5. Or bisexual?

6. I guess I’m going to have to figure all that out…

7. She smells so good and she’s so soft.

8. Her boobs are touching my boobs, my boobs are touching her boobs, we’re boob to boob and it  feels so good–holy sh*t!!!

9. I’ve been missing out on so much this whole time…what the hell

10. Oh wow, now she’s going down on me.

11. Damn, she’s really good at this.

12. Like…really REALLY good at this.

13. Her tongue is doing things I didn’t even think were possible…


15. Wow…that didn’t take a long time at all…who knew I could orgasm so quickly?

16. Uh… I guess it’s my turn now?

17. Am I doing this right?

18. Please God, let me be doing this right…

19. She seems…pleased?

20. Two fingers or one?

21. I guess I should just ask. Should I ask? Is that weird?

22. Maybe I’ll just alternate between one and two.

23. I’m definitely doing this right! Duh I’m doing it right, I happen to know my way around a vagina, I own one after all.

24. Then again, this is way more challenging than just laying on my back and getting f*cked. I could never do this drunk… 

25. Oh my god she is cumming.

26. I DID IT.

27. Maybe next time I can try using her strap on?


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