21 Ways To Keep Your Love Life Hot And Steamy

Bored in the bedroom?

After a long relationship with the same person, your love life can start to lose its magic. It’s not hard to get excited when it comes to banging, but it’s hard to stay excited. Getting it on is awesome, until it stops being fun. We can’t let that happen to our #GaloreGirls!

Here’s 21 ways to keep your bedroom life hot and steamy.

1. Get weird.

Be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!

2. Learn how to read each other’s feelings.

That way you won’t have to ask.

3. Be loud.

Let the neighbors know you’re having fun!

4. Get a wax!

A little landscaping never hurt anyone.

5. Don’t wear ugly pajamas!

Nobody wants to sleep with a grandma.

6. Bring out the lingerie.

It’s good to add an element of surprise every now and again.

7. Enjoy giving head.

Don’t just do it because it’s what’s expected.

8. Experiment outside the bedroom!

Never be afraid to change locations.

9. Tell them often that you want them.

Don’t assume they know.

10. Use naughty pet names!

But only use it in the bedroom.

11. Role play your fantasies.

There’s nothing hotter than pretending you’re somebody else.

12. Watch porn together.

It’s surprisingly not that awkward.

13. Keep your dental hygiene on point.

Floss, whiten and freshen your breath with mouthwash!

14. Compliment your partner’s body.

It’ll make them feel hot, and that will make you in turn feel super hot.

15. Foreplay anyone?

Sex is not just penetration.

16. Wear body cream.

Your partner will be more than aroused after smelling the sweetest woman in the world.

17. Try new positions!

Don’t become a creature of habit.

18. Use their desires to your own advantage.

Take note of what they like, want and need. Then use it in the bedroom.

19. Send a message!

Send a dirty note to get your partner excited to come home from the office.

20. Make time for daylight love making!

Banging routinely at the same time every evening is boring.

21. Light some candles.

Then give (and get) a sensual massage!

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