20 Compliments To Give a Girl That Aren’t Based On Her Looks

It’s no secret that girls are more heavily judged on their physical appearance than the remainder of their qualities. While guys can get away with being “chubby, but funny” or “okay looking, but really sweet,” guys seem to act like the only quality their future bae needs to have is a perfect body and the face to match.

No girl truly hates compliments, but when we’re getting cat-called on the daily walk to work, and getting called “hot” and “beautiful” by every loser trying to get in our pants at the bar, comments on our physical appearance don’t seem to even phase us anymore.

It’s not that we don’t like when the guy we’re feeling calls us sexy, it’s that we want to know that he wants us for more than just our pretty blue eyes and our J.Lo worthy a**. The yard workers down the block can feel free to keep calling us gorgeous every morning, but when we’re searching for our next potential boo, we’d rather hear one of these compliments:

1. It’s really inspiring how passionate you are about ______.

2. Your laugh is really cute.

3. Your style makes every other chick look basic.

4. You’re so knowledgeable about _____, it’s awesome.

5. You have the greatest taste in music/movies/art/novels!

6. You always give the best advice.

7. You’re so _____, I wish more people were like that.

8. How do you always know exactly what to do about _____?

9. You’re so interesting.

10. Have you always been so amazing at ______?

11. Can you help me with ____? You seem to be an expert.

12. You’re a really talented ______.

13. You’re so creative.

14. I could get lost in conversation with you.

15. You’re such a hard worker.

16. I wish I could be as motivated as you.

17. Your cooking is unreal.

18. I’m so lucky to have a girl like you.

19. I found ____ today and I thought you would like it.

20. This song reminded me of you.

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