19 celebs who don’t have their own names on social media

Before a couple of years ago, choosing the perfect handle for social media could be difficult. But these days, most people are boring and just use their full names.

That is, if they can.

But if, like me, you’ve ever tried to change your social media handles to your name so they sound more professional, you’ve probably noticed it’s easier said than done. Unless you have a very specific name, chances are somebody already snatched up your name as a handle years ago.

While you’d think all celebrities have enough cash and/or influence to get their names back from randos, this isn’t always the case.

And it doesn’t just happen to reality star celebrities, it happens to A-listers too.

Admittedly, those A-list celebs who don’t go by their real name on social media probably do it by choice, but still, you never know.

Anyway, enough with the jibber jabber, here are 19 celebs who for some reason or other don’t use their own names as their social media handles.

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1. Emily Ratajkowski




Even though she’s not an A-lister, Emily Ratajkowksi is an example of a celebrity who probably choses to keep her social media nickname. For one, her last name is incredibly long and for another, at this point, more people probably know her as Emrata than as Emily Ratajkowski.

2. Demi Lovato




This one is surprising.

Demi Lovato is kind of a big deal.




Curiously enough, Tyga goes by @Tyga on Twitter, so one of two things could have happened here. Either he couldn’t get his own name on Insta, or Drake sat him down back when Tyga was still signed to Young Money and told him that the key to success was getting an Instagram nickname and making it stick.

Well, let’s just say Tyga’s still waiting for King Gold Chains to catch on.

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4. Taylor Swift



Yeah, that’s right. Taylor Swift doesn’t have her own name on Twitter.

She does on Instagram though.

5. Ashton Kutcher




Nobody’s really sure why Ashton Kutcher’s social media handle is @aplusk, although there’s a theory that it’s comes from adding his two initials together. You know, A plus K.

He would try to be deep.

6. Ilana Glazer



TBH she 10/10 doesn’t give a shit about this.

7. Drake



If Drake wanted his name on Instagram, he could have it. But back in the day he settled on @champagnepapi and his fans ate it up.

Still, it is kind weird he uses @Drake on Twitter

8. Kourtney Kardashian




Again, Kourtney could get her name on social media if she wanted to.

She just doesn’t care.

She knows people know it’s her.

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9. Kevin Hart




TBH having the words “4real” tacked onto the end of your handle practically screams, “I’m a fake account,” but it’s funny, I guess?

10. Kellyanne Conway



Before Kellyanne Conway worked for Donald Trump, she ran polls for a living. Guess she just never got around to changing it.

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11. Chris Brown



Chris Brown is a garbage fire and deserves to have the fakest sounding Instagram handle on the planet.

Sadly, on Twitter he got his actual name.

Can’t win em all.

12. Ariel Winter



Our thotty bb princess didn’t get quite get her name on Twitter, but she’s got it on Instagram.

13. Louis Tomlinson



Louis is the only member of One Direction that doesn’t have his own name on social media. Either it was purposeful on his part, or social media is dropping some very big shade about who the least valuable member of the group was.

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14. Troian Bellisario




I’ve followed Troian for years and it took me a long time to learn her name because she used a nickname as her handle.

All I’ll say is it’s a choice.

15. Scott Dicisk



This is definitely an example of somebody choosing to use a nickname on Instagram.

Maybe he’s following in Drake’s footsteps, but this is a reference to Scott’s alter ego, Lord Disick.

Although FYI, he’s just plain @ScottDisick on Twitter.

16. Rihanna



Bad gal riri is an even more iconic nickname Champagne Papi.

But if you’re looking for proof that these two love birds end up together, well, you should know that it’s probably not gonna work out and you should stop looking for signs already. It’s time to move on.

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17. Lil Wayne




Eh, it’s Lil Wayne. He doesn’t need his name.

18. Chloe Sevigny



And here we have an example of a celebrity who couldn’t get their name on social media.

Thanks for making that crystal clear @Chloesevigny.

#whatsinaname #realrecognizereal I ❤️ Hannah, my kind of girl

A post shared by Chloe Sevigny (@chloessevigny) on

19. Justin Timberlake



He’s got it on Insta, but he doesn’t have it on Twitter and now I gotta wrap it up because this has already been more of a description than Justin Timberlake deserves.

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