16 Girly Podcasts You Need to Check Out Right Now

Talk radio sounds like it’s for mega-nerds. But podcasts are different — there’s one for everybody. And lucky for you, we’ve picked 16 podcasts that feature strong, badass women. Check them out and thank us later.

1. Lady Lovin

This podcast comes courtesy of Lo Bosworth from MTV’s Laguna Beach/ The Hills and her two friends comedian Greta Titelman and DJ Jilly Hendrix. With topics ranging from beauty to business, the three ladies will each give you a different perspective on life. Plus they have fun guests like magazine beauty editors, astrologers, and hilarious comedians.

2. Ladygang

A weekly show with Becca Tobin from Glee, weekend co-host for The Insider Keltie Knight, and designer Jac Vanek. This celebrity-filled podcast makes sure that no subject is off limits and reveals what life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood. If you don’t already have a Ladygang to hang out with these three will do more than fulfill your needs. Ladygang will give you the break from politics you’ve been searching for.

3. Straight Up With Stassi

Brought to you by the queen bee from “Vanderpump Rules,” Stassi Schroeder. SUWS shines a light on Stassi in a way that you see her as not just a reality tv villain. Stassi never shy’s away from keeping it real. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a celebrity get dragged tune in to SUWS and you just might. Sometimes she brings on “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars, friends, and other podcasters like Jackie Schimmel from The Bitch Bible.

4. Two Dope Queens

If stand up comedy is right up your alley then meet your two new best friends, Jessica Williams from “The Daily Show” and Phoebe Robinson from “Broad City.” The duo hilariously discuss sex, race, and tiresome hair journeys. They have funny special guests like Eric Andre, Ilana Glazer, or other stand up comics that give a refreshing outside point of view to the subject of discussion. You won’t be able to get enough of this laugh out loud duo.

5. Call Your Girlfriend

Are you in a long distance relationship with your best friend? So are Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman! The two besties featuring producer Gina Delvac call each other weekly and you’re invited to eavesdrop on their conversation. They unapologetically discuss everything from menstrual cycles to fashion. They deliver a perfect balance of politics, personal life, and pop culture.

6. Magic Lessons

Magic Lessons is for the creative thinker! You could file this under motivational or self-help podcast. The best selling author of “Eat Pray Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert helps young minds overcome their fears and become the amazing artists they have always wanted to be. She created this podcast after writing “Big Magic.” She wanted to offer individual advice to those struggling creatively. Gilbert delivers chicken soup for the soul to her listeners. She teaches her audience to embrace their fears, take a leap of faith, and follow their dreams.

7. Sooo Many White Guys

Originally when I saw the title I ignorantly assumed the show would either be hosted by white guys or it was about women that only or preferably dated white guys. I couldn’t have been more wrong. SMWG features host Phoebe Robinson from Two Dope Queens and Broad City. Robinson sprinkles black girl magic on everything she touches. She created Sooo Many White Guys in response to being a black female comedian in a sea of predominately white males. She hosts mostly women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. And the occasional white guy.

8. The History Chicks

If you’re a history buff like me, The History Chicks is the way to go. Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider spotlight women through history — factual and fictional — and go into great details about their successes and failures. This show will give you a little push to go explore the lives of the great women that have lived before you. Make our foremothers proud and check out The History Chicks.

9. Guys We F@#KED

It’s just as quirky as it sounds. Welcome to the new revolution, created by comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, a.k.a. Sorry About Last Night. It’s an anti-slut shaming podcast with a positive feminist message (plus we profiled them last year!). The duo spread the word that women have the right to have sex with whoever and whenever they want. They interview men they’ve slept with and other comedians, and maintain a sex positive environment one candid story at a time.

10. Black Girls Talking

BGT is four women covering pop culture, cultural appropriation, and representation of people of color in mass media. Hosted by Alesia, who writes haikus about bronzer in her free time and very loudly discusses gentrification in wine bars, Fatima who is a self proclaimed broke ass writer with a masters degree in Hateration, Aurelia a.k.a. DJ Stretch Pants who is a devastatingly gorgeous professional rude girl, and Ramou who is working towards being the next Oprah. These four women discuss what it really means to be a carefree black girl and the realization of self hatred among minorities.

11. Talk Nerdy

Yes! It’s exactly what you’re thinking about. Talk Nerdy is hosted by Cara Santana, an Emmy and Knight Foundation award winning science communicator, and covers topics from science to politics. Talk Nerdy will help expand your knowledge of unfamiliar scientific information. If you enjoy witty banter this is the podcast for you. Her discussions are always lively and entertaining.

12. Honestly Though

It’s the show we’ve all been waiting for! Honestly Though is a weekly sexual health podcast hosted by the founding editor of Bustle, Rachel Krantz. People ask legitimate questions they’ve been dying to know the answer to and Krantz and an expert will answer. It’s all about women’s health and they get extremely specific. For example if you’ve ever wondered why your vagina smells a certain way or if your anti-depressants are ruining your sex life, Honestly Though will have your answers. Tons of raw, uncut information about your body and maintaining a healthy sex life.

13. Black Girl Nerds

BGN is an online community for nerdy black girls to express themselves, including movie reviews, cosplay, celebrity interviews, and calling out misogyny. If it has to do with black culture, Black Girl Nerds has discussed it. Listening to the marginalized voices of black girls is important because we don’t always get a seat at the table. Cue Solange. Embrace your inner nerdy side with this show and check out new insightful perspectives.

14. Bad Fat Broads

Two times a month KC and Ariel deliver an intersectional feminist analysis and hilariously opinionated perspective of the less heard. The two radical feminist preach body inclusivity for all. Bad Fat Broads is such a powerful podcast for women who seek representation in mass media and aren’t receiving it. If you’re feeling a little down about your body these two beautiful women will cheer you right up. These two don’t care what anyone thinks about them and neither should you.

15. Say Why To Drugs

If you’re interested in drugs, but don’t want to try them like me, SWTD is perfect. It’s hosted by Dr. Suzi Gage, a psychologist who is interested in understanding the association between substance use and mental health. She tackles one drug per episode. This educational podcast will teach you about the myths and realities surrounding legal and recreational drug use. Dr. Suzi Gage doesn’t take the D.A.R.E approach to drug use. While listening to this podcast you won’t feel like you’re listening to your health teacher discuss the dangers of meth and teen pregnancy.

16. The Bitch Bible

This podcast is hosted by Jackie Schimmel, the self-proclaimed Jewish American princess. She takes a chance and says what others wouldn’t. No topic is off limits with this princess. She’s your new unfiltered, super neurotic, Bravo TV junkie best friend. She mostly has reality TV stars on her show as special guests like Marissa Hermer from “Ladies of London” and Morgan Stewart from “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” If you miss an episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Jackie has you covered in grave detail. No one watches reality TV like I do, so having Jackie in my life is a breath of fresh air.

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