14 Ways To Respond To an Unwanted Dirty Text

With iMessage, Snapchat, and Tinder; there’s really no avoiding it. We’ve all received an unwanted text before. Maybe it was your booty call trying to be sexy, maybe it was your guy friend blacked-out trying to be funny, maybe it was the well-endowed dude who wanted you to give him another chance. Regardless, you may choose to ignore said photo. But, if you don’t, here’s what you can do:

1. Ignore it

Surprisingly, this doesn’t always work. But if you’re okay with receiving more pics sporadically, have at it.

2. Send a pic back

No, not a pic of yourself, a d pic. Hey, you get what you give, right? Why don’t you send him that pic of your ex’s d that’s still on your phone? It’s probably bigger than his anyways.

3. Or send him an actual pic

Okay, maybe you’re into this dude. Maybe he has a nice d. Maybe you want to have the sex with him. Sneak into the staff bathroom and take a pic of that cute lacy bra you decided to wear today.

4. Find a dank meme

What better way to express your emotions than with a meme?

5. Show him your standards

Maybe you can just send a pic of you with your  boo’s d, which happens to be way larger.

6. Go on a rant

You want to put this d-pic sending guy in his place while simultaneously scaring the hell out of him? Write him an essay littered equally with cuss words and big words that he won’t understand.

7. Send him a video

…of you laughing

8. Ask for a video

Hey, what’s the harm in seeing how far he’ll go?

9. Post it on this site:

https://dickpixudidntwant.tumblr.com (NSFW!)

10. Show him this article:

Open letter to men who send unwanted dick pics.

11. Ask him if it does any tricks

Again, if he’s treating it like his pride and joy, maybe there’s something else he’s got going on down there.

12. Tell him you have your own 

That’ll get rid of him real quick…

13. Send him this meme:

14. A pic of you crying

Could you be crying because his d is so small? Or because it’s so beautiful? He may never know.

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