The 12 Dumbest Sex Questions People Have Asked the Internet

Okay, so sex ed is awkward. It can be pretty painful to talk about periods with your middle aged teacher while surrounded by prepubescent boys.

But do you know what’s even more awkward? The absolutely insane questions people ask Google and Yahoo Answers about sex.

Of course, the most infamous of these questions is “how is babby formed/how girl get pragnent.” Yes, someone actually typed that into Yahoo Answers and hit publish. This particular two-part question is so dumb — and so popular with internet types — that it has its own Know Your Meme page. It’s inspired videos, Reddit threads, and plenty of Yahoo clicks.

But “how is babby formed” is only the tip of the iceberg. We found 12 equally weird sex questions gathered from the wonderful world wide web. They’ll make you feel pretty smart sexually, while also probably making you pray that none of the below people have proceeded to make babies.

1. The Dog Whisperer



2. Congrats, You’re a Grandfather



3. This Explains A Lot



4. Mommy Dearest


5. We Wondered The Same Thing (Minus the Drugs)


6. Should Someone Call the Cops



7. Ah-Bortion

8. Same, Girl, Same


9. Nothing Good


10. Pizza Lover


11. Lesson One: Don’t Emulate Snookie


12. Move Out, Now


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