11 Thoughts Real Men Told Us About Your Hair Down There

Over time, the trend of pubic hair has evolved from what we call the “70’s porno bush” to the “landing strip” and finally the “brazilian wax,” which essentially strips you of any and all hair. It all boils down to what you are comfortable with really, and occasionally, what the dude you’re sleeping with prefers. As an esthetician, part of my profession includes waxing my clients’ vaginas. It’s safe to say…I’ve seen it ALL. Behind closed doors with my clients, the first thing they usually say is an apology for waiting so long to get waxed, either because they hate waxing or they’ve been single for way too long. However, sometimes I hear AND CRINGE, “My boyfriend asked me when I was going to take care of this.” Ladies, wax for yourself, not for your man–they don’t really care anyway.

I’ve taken it upon myself to ask 11 REAL MEN what they ACTUALLY think about your pubic hair. Here are the responses I received.

1. “White boys like no hair. I personally make any girl I’m dating grow a little patch or something.” – Mid 30’s Uber driver

2. “It just depends on if I connect with the girl or not…like I don’t know.” –Very drunk guy sitting next to me at bar. Early 20’s

3. “A waxed pussy is appreciated, but guys don’t give a fuck.” –Fellow neighborhood bar frequenter. 28 yrs old.

4. “As long as it’s not a total bush, I’m cool with it.” –Stranger at a coffee shop. Early 20’s.

5. “A little hair never hurt anybody, man!” – Local bartender. 31 yrs old.

6. “Whatever yours is, I like it.”  –Previous fuckbuddy. 25 yrs old.

7. “I’m just thankful you’re fucking me.” –Current fuckbuddy. 28 yrs old.

8. “I don’t want to pull a pube from my mouth! EW.” –Long time friend. 22 yrs old.

9. “I prefer no hair, but I honestly don’t care. It’s whatever she’s into.” –20 yr old friend.

10. “If there’s too much hair then I just can’t get hard dude.” -Previous fuckbuddy *to remain ageless*11. “I honestly don’t fuckin’ care honestly like…yeah [LAUGHS] .” -18 yr old

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