11 Reasons Why Khloe Kardashian Will Have The Best Talk Show

Today, Khloe Kardashian chatted live with Good Morning America about a flurry of topics ranging from Lamar’s health, North’s new obsession with baby brother Saint, and her newest television endeavor, Kocktails with Khloe. The talk show will be premiering on FYI network January 20th, and here are just a few reasons why you’ll definitely be tuning in to watch Khloe, your soon to be new favorite television host (Sorry, Ellen).

1. She will say anything. Literally anythingIf you’ve ever watched KUWTK, which we know you have, there’s no way you can argue this.


2. She’s hilarious. Everyone knows, besides Scott Disick, she’s the comedian of the family.


3. She said “there will be drinking games.” Okay, a talk show with drinking games?! And Kardashians?! Sign me up now.


4. Her outfits will be on point. Safe to say, even if she’s not particularly the best talk show host, she’ll definitely be the best dressed talk show host.


5. She’ll use everything to her advantage. You can’t say anything to Khloe that she won’t find a better way to use herself, and probably against you.


6. Maybe we’ll get to see some family boyfriends? Kanye, Tyga, and my personal favorite, Scott. Okay Kanye’s a long shot, but hey he went on American Idol. A girl can dream.


7. She’ll call anyone out. If you think you’re cool because you have a mug shot, you’re not. God, I hope Justin Bieber is a guest because I would love to hear her say this.


8. There will be no body shaming. Ever. 

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9. Basic bitches are not invited. We can look forward to only hearing from “interesting” people.


10. She knows who’s boss. Ladies first, as they say.


11. She never loses her shit. Okay, maybe sometimes she does.


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