11 Instagram Accounts That’ll Make You Want To Move It

As a Nike Women’s MVP Influencer, yoga instructor, and all around health enthusiast, here are some Instagram accounts I’ve come across that leave me feeling inspired! Some are for workouts, yoga, and all around inspiration! Also, if you have any personal favs, comment below!

1. The Cleopatra Lee — @thecleopatralee            

Cleopatra Lee - Galore Mag

This right here is my girl, Cleo Lee! She’s super awesome, a New Yorker like me, and inspires young women to move it!

2. Hannah Bronfman — @hannahbronfman

Hannah Bronfman - Galore Mag

Like myself, Hannah Bronfman is a DJ and fitness enthusiast. Founder of HBFit.com, Hannah also models. She’s just too dope to handle.

3. Nikki Sue Carter — @_nikkisue_

Nikki Sue Carter - Galore Mag

Nikki is hands down one of my favorite yoga instructors. Teaching at Yoga to the People in NYC and around the country, Nikki focuses on flexibility. Plus, her and her boyfriend are both yoga instructors: SOOOOOO cute.

4. Misty Copeland — @mistyonpointe

Misty Copeland - Galore MagThis beautiful, strong woman is one of my utmost inspirations. The newest—and first Black!—principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. She makes me wish that I start ballet as a little girl </3 #FOMO.

5. Marie Purvis  — @mariepurvis

Marie Purvis - Galore Mag

As a Nike Global and Master Trainer, her Instagram definitely shows that “Life is Dynamic, Train for it.” Also, download the NTC app and do her workout!

6. Massy Indhira Arias — @massy.arias

Massy Indhira Arias - Galore Mag

A fellow Dominican, Massy, aka MankoFit, promotes health, fitness, and well-being in both English and Spanish on her account.

7. Jessamyn Stanley — @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn Stanley - Galore Mag

Because the “yoga body” does not exist.

8.   Talia Peretz — @talia_sutra 

Talia Peretz - Galore Mag

Another one of my yoga instructors, I always love taking her class. You should too if you’re in NYC!

9.   Emily Hutchins  — @em.hutchins

Em Hutchins - Galore Mag

Em is so amazing. If you’re in Chicago, be sure to take a class at On Your Mark. (Plus, while we were in Vancouver at the World Cup, she didn’t make fun of my crappy running “skills”.)

10.   Djali Brown-Cepeda — @djalibc

Djali Brown-Cepeda - Galore Mag

Of course I had to add myself to the equation! Health and fitness—as well as reading, being a student, DJing, traveling—are my things. Instagram me to book me at your studio or for a private!

11. Eva Redpath  — @evaredpath

Eva Redpath - Galore Mag

As Canada’s Nike Master Trainer, Eva pushed me beyond my limits in Vancouver. An awesome individual, follow her and get motivated!

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