10 women in the cannabis industry tell us their fav strains

One question that always gets the toke circle convo going is, “What is your favorite strain?”

Indica or sativa seems to be the primary debate. Personally, I tend to lean more towards sativas or hybrids that are more of a mind-high rather than a body-high. That’s because I hate feeling like I can’t move and indicas always zap my energy, but a nice sativa like White Buffalo or a hybrid like Bruce Banner not only make me feel more active, but more creative as well.

But even within those major categories, there are major differences. Especially because strains are so diverse and their effects differ from person to person, we thought it might be interesting to see which strains reign supreme.

So who better to ask than some of the coolest women in the cannabis industry? Many of these badasses started their own businesses based on their love of weed, so of course they would know which strains are the best. Surprisingly, no one had the same answer but most gave a reason for why they prefer that strain over another.

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Jenny WakeandbakeNugTools Ambassador and Youtuber

“Oh, this is a tough question. My favorite strain… Most of my friends and followers on social media would quickly tell you it’s Arcata Trainwreck. However, I am going to go with Agent Orange. It’s a productive sativa that, though it is not a part of my daily consumption, it’s a strain with effects and a smell I will never forget.”

Lauren Miele, CEO/Founder of KushKards

“Right now, my favorite strain is Pink Poison. But, it varies depending on the moment or the mood.”

Sarah Remesch, founder of 270M & Managing Editor of Viride  

“Blue Dream for a balance of the high and low with a cool smell and taste.”

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Kristin Murr, Cannabis Cultivator at AlpinStash

“Platinum Tiger Cookies which is a strain we breed in house at Alpinstash. It’s a cross between Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien and Platinum Cookies, making it a sativa hybrid. I love the high I get from it and the calming aspects, which is rarity for me with uplifting strains . The high is a bit spacey, but still allows you to be productive with your day. It’s my go-to when I have a day at home and a list full of projects.”

Emily A. Burns, Cannabusiness Attorney at Green Light Law Group

“OG Kush, hands down. However, AK-47 is a close second.”

Stoner Girl Diary’s Biz & Mari, CannaSmack Ambassadors

Biz: “Northern Lights.”

Mari: “Blackberry Kush.”

Stacey Mulvey, founder of Marijuasana

“Trick question! Because I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different legal markets, I’ve noticed there is an inconsistency between strains of the same name. So, it really all depends on the grower and the conditions. But all things being equal, my all-time favorite is Girl Scout Cookies. It hits the right combination for me of giving me a body-high, and relaxed but curious mind.”

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Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator

“I don’t have a favorite strain, but I do have a favorite chemotype (the chemical compounds found inside cannabis). I love a cannabis cultivar with an elevated concentration of CBD, something with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio is perfect  a little euphoria from the THC balanced by the grounding energy of the CBD. If the cultivar has a little pinene and limonene (two terpenes that promote clarity of mind and elevated mood) even better! I consume cannabis for the euphoric, motivating experience. I don’t really enjoy cannabis cultivars that make me super sleepy and glue me to the couch, unless of course I’m consuming to promote sleep.”

Sabrena Peterson, Director of Sales & Marketing at RĒL Vape

“Depends on my mood, time of day, energy level and atmosphere. I’m always changing it up and trying new strains, but right now Cherry Pie, Trainwreck and Super Lemon Haze are on regular rotation. I wish more people understood how diverse cannabis strains are, and how you can review the terpene profiles and strain genetics to choose strains that are most likely to give you the experience you are seeking. Not only is each plant different, but each person’s chemistry is different, so what makes one person tired can give another person energy. You have to experiment a bit to identify which ones help you feel the way you want to feel, whether it’s for recreational or medical effects.”

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