10 White Looks You’ll Definitely Want to Wear After Labor Day at NYFW

I was shopping with my mom yesterday, helping her pick out some new Dr. Marten boots (yes, because my mom is a cool mom) and we decided we both loved the all white pair she had tried on. I had picked on a white pair of shoes of my own, but that’s because apparently I have an orthopedic shoe complex, or something of the sort, because I can’t seem to stay away from white shoes, no matter how big they make my feet look. Before she made the final credit card swipe, she asked “Are you sure I can wear these? Aren’t you not supposed to not wear white in the winter?”

I responded, knowledgable of the “no white after Labor Day rule” that she was referring to, “You can wear white whenever you want, there are no rules!” And I meant it. Working in fashion and growing into my style, it’s hard to not be so cautious of the ever-foreboding “fashion rules.” However, the most important thing you need to know when it comes to “fashion” is that there are no rules, or at least there shouldn’t be. It’s not about what’s trending, or what you can or can’t wear after a certain time of the year, it’s about what works for you and what makes you feel good. After all, the best thing about rules is breaking them, right?

Now, this one is for all the rule breakers. Here are some of our favorite all-white looks we definitely want to wear post-Labor Day.


1. McQ Alexander Mcqueen

A relaxed all white pantsuit complete with chic culottes, silver hardware, funky platforms and no bra will have you dreaming of doing your office job outside of the office. Maybe with a dirty martini in hand.


2. Hood By Air

Yes, you can wear white all the way down to your pretty little gladiator strapped toes. You may not have much arm movement in this HBA dress, but all the better to let your boo know you shouldn’t have to lift a finger anyways.


3. Adam Selman

Because a jumpsuit is the answer to all of our problems. Well, besides going to the bathroom, of course.



A tuxedo dress is never going to not be sexy and with baseball sleeves thanks to DKNY, it just got a hell of a lot cooler too.


5. Proenza Schouler

This white dress has everything; off-the shoulder detailing, a turtleneck, a wrap-dress feature and a potential nip slip.


6. Assembly New York

Go Clueless chic in a mod mini dress, choker and a high-sock-Mary-Jane combo. Cher would be so proud.


7. Public School 

The opening white-out look at Public School was enough to close the show as well; a show-stopping jumpsuit with a sexy, plunging neckline.


8. Opening Ceremony

Okay, so it’s not all white, yet it was too cool to pass up. White and nude are without doubt your new racing stripes this season. And with a pair of white leather booties to match, first place is yours.


9. Derek Lam

The sexy bohemian vibes were heavily apparent at Derek Lam, and even better in all white. Did I mention we’re dying for that silk crop-top?


10. Givenchy

If I could pick every look from the Givenchy spring show I would, however this lace number and sneaker-heel combo pretty much sum it up. Thank you, Ricardo Tisci, for reminding us ladies that wearing your lingerie in public should never get out of style.

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