10 Ways To Tell You’re On a Bad First Date Within The First 10 Minutes

First dates are rarely romantic or easy going, they’re always a little bit awkward and a little bit uncomfortable. They tend to feel like a job interview with the only difference being copious amounts of wine. Guys get nervous and they make mistakes on first dates, and sometimes the guy who spills red wine down your new blouse could be your future boyfriend. But, there are some first date faux pas that are red flags, and you need to high tail the fuck out of there before things go any further.

1. He Didn’t Make a Reservation

If your date doesn’t take the time to make a reservation for a first date, it says a lot about his character. First off, he’s a shitty planner, second off, he’s afraid of commitment. If the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, then he’s somewhat in the clear, but how awkward is it when you show up at a restaurant with a guy you barely know and then you have to stand in the corner for twenty minutes before even ingesting any alcohol? Do you even really want to sit down for dinner with this guy after that unpleasant experience? Probably not.

2. He Can’t Choose Where to Sit

If there’s one thing that almost every girl can agree she wants in a man, it’s assertiveness. If a guy can’t pick something as simple as where to sit in a tiny Manhattan restaurant, what’s the likelihood that he’s ever going to be able to choose if he wants a relationship with you? He’s probably one of those guys who asks before leaning in for a kiss and who likes sex with the lights off

3. He Doesn’t Look Like His Photos

Love isn’t all about looks. If a guy looked like a ten in his photos and looks like a 4 in person, he could still be a great guy regardless of his snaggle-tooth. But, at the end of the day, he’s still shady for editing his pics to make himself look better. If you’re a chick that does this too, don’t hold him to a double standard. But, if you put up your own pics with #nofilter, why would you want a guy who spends more time on Photoshop than you?

4. He Brings Up His Ex

Sometimes, exes come up in conversation, it’s natural. However, if your date really feels the need to bring up his ex within the first ten minutes? He’s clearly still hung up on her and desperately searching for a rebound and/or replacement until he can win her back.

5. He Orders a Salad

I’m all for a guy who watches his weight and loves the gym, but if I’m counting our date as a cheat meal, he should too. If your date orders a salad, not only does he immediately seem less manly and less attractive, but he also awkwardly forces you to order something similar. I mean, wouldn’t you feel a little embarrassed about ordering a T-bone steak if he orders a Caesar salad? And we can’t really imagine a guy who orders a salad throwing you around in bed…can you?

6. He Doesn’t Order a Drink

Just like the dude who orders a salad, a guy who doesn’t order a drink also sufficiently makes you feel awkward. If he’s sober, that’s another thing you may have to deal with if you continue dating. But if he’s not sober, why the hell doesn’t he want to ease the conversation with some wine? Doesn’t he realize that the drunker you get, the more likely you are to sleep with him? He’s probably just broke…or no fun.

7. He Asks For Your Social Security Number

He’s not trying to date you, he’s trying to steal your identity or get a green card. Run!

8. He Keeps Asking About Your Roommate

If your roommate is a girl, he’s trying to use you to get to her. If your roommate is a guy, he’s gay and still not out of the closet.

9. He Says He’s “Not That Hungry”

Boys are always hungry. It’s not that he’s not hungry, it’s that he’s broke. Why did he bother taking you out to dinner if he can’t even pay for it?

10. You Misread Something On His Profile

You thought his Tinder page said that he was 24, but turns out he’s actually 42…and works at the same company as your dad. Time to make a quick escape before he makes the connection…

Photo courtesy of alittlelessawkward.blogspot.com

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