10 Ways To Make Each Day Special

Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. For no reason at all, I feel cranky. I avoid phone calls, I ditch my plans, and I end up feeling all the worse for it by the end of the day. Maybe it happens because of the summer cocktails the night before or perhaps because the sound of my alarm has created some sort of negative reaction in me. But regardless of what it is, I am committed to finding more happiness in each day and not sweating the small stuff.

Here is a list of tools that I have found to help create more joy and happiness in each and every day. Tips that heal, uplift, and set you on a path of excellence.

Write down a list of the things you feel appreciation for: Have that list close by your bed or in a place where you will see it daily. When you wake up to something positive, you live in abundance and not in scarcity. It can change the day in an instance.

Smile at a stranger: I lived in New York City for 9 years and people were so guarded. I made it my goal to try and connect with a few people each day, just by smiling on the subway or on the street. It’s simple and effective.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier to meditate: Sitting in silence while breathing with intention is a great way to start the day. Meditation has a very positive effect on your brain, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Brew your own coffee or tea instead of grabbing it on the go: Having a morning ritual will give you time and quiet to yourself. When you set the alarm and rush out the door, it can often set the tone of the day to be rushed and frantic. Relax, and sip your drink slowly: savor and appreciate.

Make at least one meal at home: Cooking is relaxing and connects you to what truly nourishes and feeds you. It’s a great way to explore creativity and bring people together.

Make at least one phone call to a friend or loved one: Connect with someone you care about and check in. It’s so easy to get busy and fall into patterns where we loose touch with each other. Do it because it’s simply good for the soul.

Write a letter: I have always loved collecting postcards and note paper for a rainy day and find it truly relaxing to send mail to the people I care about. Because of technology, emails and texting, letters are becoming a lost art and people really do appreciate getting a card in the mail. Make someone smile.

Do at least 15 minutes of exercise: Whether just a walk to work or after dinner, stretching in your kitchen, a short jog, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting physical can completely turn your day around. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Go on and get happy.

Have a little dessert: A little ice cream, piece of cake, or if you’re trying to be disciplined, just a small square of dark chocolate. Allowing yourself even just a bite of something sweet can be rewarding and put a smile on your face.

Find a way to be thankful: Whether saying thanks before a meal, letting a friend know you appreciate them, or saying a little prayer before bed, find ways to be thankful for the things in your life. The more you do this, the more you will find fulfillment. Seeing beauty in the sunset, the sound of the ocean waves, the wind on your skin when you are biking, or just the simplicity that you are alive, BE THANKFUL.

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