10 Ways To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding

Having a Valentine’s Day wedding sounds so cliché.

But with the help of Rosé N Reckless blogger and wedding planner, Ksenia M—it doesn’t have to be. Love is in the air people, so why not spend the holiday at your very own tasteful and gorgeous event!

Here’s Ksenia’s tips on how to not be cheesy with your V-Day wedding.

1. Make It Stylish:

“Don’t go cliché with hearts all over the place, please. Get inspired by the colors associated with V-Day. Make it stylish and fashion forward! Go for banquet style tables with florals cascading down the tables.”

2. Go Bold:

“A Valentine’s Day wedding is a perfect excuse for red décor. It’s bold and screams love. There is such a big variety of flowers in different shades of red. Instead of playing with colors, play with textures and shades.”

3. Opt For Soft:

“Or make your wedding theme all pink! Not bubble gum pink, but rose quarts pink (which is the trendiest color of the year, according to Pantone.”

4. Stay Classic:

“As an alternative, get inspired by the romance of Valentine’s Day. You can keep it classy by opting for an all white wedding décor. Add tons and tons of candles, candelabras, and chandeliers.”

5. What To Drink:

“Champagne is a must for every wedding. Instead of regular bubbles, Rosé Champagne will add a special touch.”

6. Keep It Sexy:

“Have a mini burlesque show to get your guests going before the party gets too crazy.”

7. Entertain Your Guests:

“Add romance to your special V-Day wedding by bringing in a live jazz band that could play during cocktail hour.”

8. Add Some Magic:

“After your first dance, play one of your favorite love songs and ask all the couples to join you for a slow dance to celebrate and share love. Make your guests feel special and fall in love with their partners again!”

9. For The Memories:

“In addition to a photobooth as part of the entertainment at your wedding, add a Love Poem Generator. Simply input your beloved’s name and the app instantly crafts a poem from one of its 4,294,967,296 combinations of verse.”

10. Guests Love Gifts:

“Stay away from chocolates. Instead, surprise your guests with a favor that they will actually love, like an aphrodisiac. For example, figs have been associated with sexual desire since ancient Greek and Roman times and are alleged to have been one of the favorite foods of the temptress Cleopatra. Another sexy and sweet treat is honey, the nectar of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. On the opposite end of the palate, try dishing up some oysters. The 18th-century Italian lover Casanova was a proponent of the oyster as a sexual aide of sorts (he supposedly ate dozens of them for breakfast).”

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