10 Things We Learned From Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie, is that you? Hilary Duff released her new music video for “All About You” This past Tuesday and it’s apparent that after a son and a long hiatus, Duff has still got it!

While Duff has released multiple albums, had a brief acting career, and even sold her own perfume; she’s still Lizzie McGuire to us, and probably to all you 90’s babies as well. We wanted to commend Lizzie- I mean Hilary- on her new album, and recount all the important life lessons we learned from Lizzie McGuire.

1. The only thing worse than being an outfit repeater, is being an outfit remember-er.

With Instagram and Facebook, we unfortunately have much less flexibility with repeating outfits. It’s hard to wear your favorite backless bodysuit when there are tagged photos of you wearing it last weekend… but nobody will say anything right? Hopefully everyone was too drunk to notice what you wearing, and distracted by how great your tits looked. If they say anything, just respond with your fave Lizzie quote!

2. Carbs don’t count if a boy is buying them for you.

We all know that dating someone completely throws off your healthy diet, but do you really mind? Nobody wants a date that’s going to order a salad, and is there really anything better than staring into some baby blue eyes while gorging on a plate full of spaghetti that you’re not paying for? Probably not.

3. Sometimes, your parents really do know what’s best.

It was super embarrassing when your mom was crying at the airport before your senior trip to Rome, but once you grow up and have to be away from them, you realize how much you really relied on them for everything. Without Mom to pack your lunches and Dad to open the menacing jar of Peanut Butter, you miss them just a little bit more.

4. NEVER say no to free food.

Lizzie learned a lot earlier than most of us. The majority of us had to wait until college or post-grad to understand that no matter what speech we had to listen to, or petition we had to sign, free food was free food.

5. Sometimes you have to break the rules a little bit.

As somebody who wrote fan mail to Aaron Carter as a child, I envied Lizzie in this episode more than anything. Lizzie wasn’t going to meet Aaron by sitting and waiting outside like every other fangirl. By being daring and sneaking into the dressing room, she got to have a moment with Aaron Carter than any girl would swoon for- getting caught would have totally been worth it!

6. Don’t ever blindly follow trends.

Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s cute. And just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Whethr you’re going to be on stage with Rome’s hottest pop-star, or struggling down the street to get some much needed Starbucks, you want to feel glamorous, but confident!

7. Sometimes the “hottest guy” isn’t the one.

We all loved Ethan Craft, how could we say no to that hair? But once he opened his mouth to talk..our lady boner’s seemed to go soft. We can only hope that Ethan is brighter in person, because if you look up the actor (Clayton Snyder), you’ll see that he’s still super fine AND a professional water polo player. *Cue Drooling*

8. And the right guy has been there all along.

Gordo was practically the definition of the friend-zone before we even knew what the friend-zone was. All that listening to Lizzie cry about boys and helping her sneak out with Paolo, with the hopes that he would finally get her to himself. (We were pretty flabbergasted when they did finally get a kiss in though)
lizzie 5.jpg

9. You have to speak up for what you want.

Whether it’s a bra or a promotion, nobody is going to read your mind (girls tend to forget this sometimes). If you want something, make it happen and make it clear.

10. But maintain a little air of mystery.

We’re not fans of getting caught up in the “game” and playing hard to get. But relationships are always more exciting when there are always new things to find out about somebody. Whether it’s your secret Pokemon card collection or your affinity for role-playing, let the Ethan Craft in your life discover your secrets on his own.
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