10 Songs That Will Make You A Karaoke Superstar

Karaoke is all about going out and having simple fun with your gang of friends, without any kind of pressure or competition… Right, as if! The art of karaoke is all about the song choice- finding that delicate balance between a genuine crowd-pleaser and the one ten other people sang earlier in the night. Don’t be the basic bitch who sings “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or the overly enthusiastic drunk singing “Ice Ice Baby”. This is your turn to shine and be the star of karaoke you were always meant to be. Whether you like to throw it back with some underrated classics or surprise your friends with your true knowledge of Drake lyrics; here is our Galore guide to the best karaoke songs.

by: Shannon Kurlander


Alanis Morissette “Hand In My Pocket”

Macy Gray “I Try”

Nena “99 Red Balloons”

Drake “Worst Behavior”

The Darkness “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”

Heart “Crazy On You”

Danity Kane “Show Stopper”

LFO “Summer Girls”

Outkast “Roses”

Kanye West “Bound 2”

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