10 Skincare Tips That Even Celebrity Aestheticians Use At Home

Unlike supermodels and celebrities, we can’t all get weekly facials. Whether it’s because of time, money, or both, a regular trek to the dermatologist can seem like a daunting task. Divine Illumine’s Christine Freitas is a Los Angeles based aesthetician not only to the stars, but to anyone who needs it. She understands the struggles of skincare maintenance and helps you glow from within using her spiritually-infused facial techniques. From what to ask for during your monthly facials to how to take care of your face at home, Christine shares 10 tips to achieving the skin of your dreams.

1.  Exfoliate two or three times a week especially if you wear make up.  If acnaic, use a mask or spot treat with the Caudalie Purifying Mask so you don’t spread the bacteria, but still exfoliate!

2.  I like to keep the daily am and pm regimen simple. I tend to resonate with botanical lines like Omorovicza for all skin types, Caudalie for younger, and some additional “clean” favorites!

3.  Hydrate properly! What our friends and family use may not be the best for us. Seek a professional who analyzes your skin and gives you a proper facial to see what is really going on and what is your proper regimen. Customized serums and moisturizers are key! A regimen is best when you keep it simple.

4.  Start with eye cream early, but make sure it’s not too heavy to prevent milia around the eyes. Again, stay simple and hydrated.

5.  Don’t be afraid of oil and don’t use all “oil free” everything. It’s not necessary and many botanical oils like the Miracle Oil from Omorovicza can do wonders for most types! “Certain” coconut oils, for example, are great for acnaic skin due to the auric, capric and caprylic acids, and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Seek a professional for proper type of course.

6. Monthly or at least regular facials are key especially if you are not great with doing a daily routine. Facials don’t just feel amazing, you get a deeper exfoliation, and professional masks and products you can’t use every day at home.

7.  We are what we eat! We also are what we stress about. A clean diet and sleep are key to great skin. Remember, our skin is our biggest organ. What we drink and eat comes out of our pores.

8.  There is nothing like a great work out and steam to completely transform our skin instantly. Detoxing from within is a necessity.

9.  Use a chemical free spf. We don’t need chemicals to protect our skin from the damaging free radicals inside and outside. My favorite is Omorovicza SPF 30 or if you want a higher spf, La Roche-Posay 50 is great and neither break me out. That is key!

10.  Include your neck and decollete in your regimen. Your serums and special creams should not stop at the jaw line. Your neck and decollete will show it if you do. They age just the same, if not faster, because they go untouched by the hydration and spf needed to keep them subtle and protected.

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