10 Signs You Have Dating A.D.D.

New evidence suggests that one of the reasons we’re not meeting our soulmates anymore is because our generation has way too many options. Are you a victim of dating ADD? Read on to discover if you are suffering from any of the symptoms…

1. You Have Over 100 Matches on Tinder (But Have Never Met Anyone)

You f*cking love to swipe. I mean, hell, it’s pretty awesome getting to flip through a stack of hotties, isn’t it? The problem is, you love the swiping so much that you forget about what’s supposed to happen after the swiping…Yes, Tinder is actually supposed to move you from swiping, to texting, to meeting up. If you’re just swiping, you’re probably causing a lot of crushed dreams for boys matching with you all over your city.

2. You Never Like Guys Better On The Second Date

You like the newness and the thrill of meeting a new guy, but the more you get to know him, the less interested you get. Rather than falling in love more and more with each date, you find yourself pulling away the more he tries to see you.

3. You’re Never Satisfied

You just went out with a professional rugby player with a rocking body, a bachelor’s degree, a great sense of humor, who loves his mom. Are you suddenly in love? Nope. Instead, you’re hung up on the fact that he’s never read Tennessee Williams’ ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ before.

4. You’ve Ended Relationships For No Reason

Unless boredom counts as a reason, you had no legitimate reason for breaking up with your last five boyfriends. While they stared at you with puppy eyes wondering what they did wrong, you can’t help but tell them that you’re just “not feeling it anymore.”

5. You’ve Never Gone Back To An Ex

You can’t seem to understand girls that break up and make up with an ex-boyfriend. It’s even more unbelievable when you see people break up and reconnect years later and fall in love again. To you, what’s done is done, and it’s on to the next one. An ex boyfriend is like a broken record, and you don’t want to play it ever again.

6. You Can Never Decide What To Eat

You know how guys joke about how girls can never decide what to eat? Those jokes were all made for you. Big menus terrify you, and you usually end up just asking the waitress what you should get. Needless to say, your lack of decision making for small items like food only make it more complicated when you have to make big decisions, like who to date.

7. You’re Obsessed With The Chase

Your friends may have a tough time remembering all the guys whom you talk to them about, because the names are always changing. As much as you hate guys for pursuing a girl until they get what they want, you can’t pretend that you don’t relate to it in someway. When you see something (or particularly, someone) you like, you want it. However, once you have him, he becomes a lot less interesting than you initially thought.

8. You Don’t Have a Type

Sure, there are guys that you’re more into than others (David Beckham lookalikes are your weakness), but you generally don’t stick to one look. You’re just as likely to go for the buff jock as you are the skinny bass player.

9. The Idea Of Marriage Scares You 

Weddings are cool and all…but the idea of committing to someone for the rest of your life is scary. Not because you’re not faithful, but because you can’t imagine not getting bored of someone after such a long time.

10. Sometimes, You Wish You Could Catch Feelings

If there’s one thing a 20-something girl is scared of (besides never getting her life together) it’s catching feelings. While you certainly know how heartbreaking it can be to fall hard and get crushed, you sometimes find yourself wishing you could really settle down and truly like a guy. After all, at some point your friends are going to get sick of you obsessing over a new guy every week, aren’t they?

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