10 reasons why the 2009 VMAs were the weirdest ever

We all know the 2009 VMAs as the birthplace of Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s infamous ongoing fued, but what we’ve forgotten is just how much other weird shit went down that night.  

Ima let you finish-gate was just the tip of the iceberg.  

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1. Lady Gaga staged her own death to the tune of “Paparazzi”

In the music video for “Paparazzi,” it’s that vampire guy from True Blood who gets killed, but this time was Gaga’s turn.

After a frenzied piano solo, the blood started dripping from her chest, and as her backup dancers swarmed upon her, Lady Gaga let out a “nooo,” but it was too late.

The next time we see her, she’s dead, hanging on a string as the camera flashes go off.

Deep. Dark. Probably exactly what Taylor Swift’s gonna channel for her own deep, dark, the old Taylor Swift is dead because the media killed her performance on Sunday.

2. Katy Perry performed “We Will Rock You” dressed like a sexy matador until her then-husband walked onstage and proceeded to just walk around, holding a microphone but not speaking into it

There’s nothing that special about this performance until a mysterious figure rises out of the ground to make a guest appearance. After a digitized explosion on the digital screen behind him, it’s revealed this mystery man is none other than Katy’s then-husband Russell Brand.

As he walks center stage, Katy bows to him and relegates herself to standing on the sidelines while her husband walks around, holding a microphone that he never uses.

3. Shakira and Pink showed up wearing the same Balmain dress

And they both chose to accessorize it with one bracelet on their left wrist!

But luckily they were both really cool about it because you know, they’re Shakira and Pink and the Video Music Awards don’t actually matter.

4. Jack Black carried around a battle ax and asked people to pray to Satan with him

Poking fun at how seriously “rock” musicians take themselves, Jack Black showed up to present the award for “Best Rock Video” wearing fake muscles and carrying a plastic battle ax.

And then he said: “Since we’re giving away a rock award tonight, who wants to pray to the devil with me? Who’s in with me? C’mon, let me see those horns. LET ME SEE THOSE HORNS! Metal! Metal! Metal! Metal!”

Even Leighton Meester couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

5. Kanye was openly drinking Henny on the red carpet

Eh, maybe he pregamed this party a little too hard.

Happens to the best of us.

6. Drake, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Lady Gaga were up for the same award

The “Best New Artist” category is always fun to look back on.

7. Janet Jackson performed a duet with her dead brother 

Whenever people do this kinda shit, no matter how well-intentioned it is, it’s always creepy af.


8. Kanye “interrupted” Taylor Swift

Nobody even remembers what went on in the video for Taylor Swift’s now comparatively marginal hit “You Belong To Me,” but we’ll always remember that Kanye West thought Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” was better. Granted, maybe he should have waited until after Taylor had finished her acceptance speech to voice his concerns, but let’s face it, Yeezy was right. Beyonce for the win always.

9. And then Taylor was forced to go down to the subways and sing to fake fans

The fact that this seminal moment in embarrassing Taylor Swift content has been largely forgotten by history is a shame.

Never again.

Also, for the record, songs about trying to get somebody to cheat on their girlfriend with you because she’s a slutty cheerleader who’s too dumb to “get” your taste in music remains one of the more backwards things to ever come out of a teen idol’s mouth.

Although also, for the record, I like the song.

10. And not to be outdone, Lil Mama did the same thing to Jay Z and Alicia Keys…kind Of

Lil Mama was so moved by Jay Z and Alicia Key’s performance of “Empire State Of Mind” that while Jay Z was finishing up his last verse, she left her seat, got up onstage and started bobbing her head to the beat. While Jay was surprised, he kept on rapping, and politely tried to get her offstage. However, Lil Mama held her ground and even struck a pose with Jay and Alicia at the end of the song.

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