10 Reasons Rihanna And The Weeknd Will Make This The Best VS Fashion Show Ever

Victoria’s Secret announced the A-List musical line up for this year’s fashion show, guaranteeing that this will be the most lit VS Fashion Show EVER. With Rihanna, The Weeknd, and the elusive Selena Gomez on stage, anything could happen: here are some of our greatest daydreams for the 2015 VS Fashion Show. 

1. The Weeknd And Bella Hadid Making Out On Stage

Photo Via ET Online


Abel Tesfaye, AKA The Weeknd, and the littlest Hadid sister are all wifed up. Bella has been modeling in VS Pink campaigns all year, and with her BF as the star of the show, this is certainly the year she’ll strut the runway. The couple has only recently started PDA’ing for the paparazzi, but maybe they’ll use the stage as a place to grab a public peck if she struts by him during his performance.

2. Rihanna Debuting Her New Album

Photo Via Celeb Mafia

Rihanna just revealed the artwork for her upcoming album ANTI, and though she hasn’t announced the release date, she has promised it will drop some time in 2015. It’s a definite that when we tune into the show on December 8th, we’ll be hearing more than the teasing song snippets that have leaked on the internet. Since ANTI also features collabs with Kanye and Charlie XCX: maybe we’ll get lucky and RiRi will pull one of them on stage with her.

3. Kylie Jenner Making A Surprise Appearance

Photo Via Glamour

A fashion show is nothing without a surprise guest. Remember when Naomi Campbell made jaws drop when she unexpectedly stepped onto the VS catwalk in 2005? This year, Kylie Jenner would be the perfect lady to do the honors: she’s got bombshell status AND she says VS is better than implants. Seriously, in a video on her website, she decreed that a Victoria’s Secret bombshell bra is the most essential ingredient in her recipe for a perfect body. “Everyone thinks I’ve gotten breast augmentation recently, but I haven’t,” Kylie said. “I just use the Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret. It’s life-changing. I’ve gotten all my sisters on it and all my friends.”

4. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Getting Their Wings

Photo Via Popsugar

This twosome are the most super supermodels of the moment, so it’s mind baffling that they were both snubbed by VS last spring when the bombshell lingerie brand chose their newest angels. But VS is also famous for surprises, like granting lucky models their first pair of wings just before they step on the runway (this oh-so-cute video of Chanel Iman getting her wings is evidence). If Kendall and Gigi decide to join their BFF Stella Maxwell and walk the show despite the rejections, this might be the moment that they take flight with their very own wings.

5. Stella Maxwell Giving Us Body Envy

Photo Via TMZ

It’s nearly impossible not to feel the green monster of jealousy when watching Victoria’s Secret’s yearly show. This year, that jealousy will be extreme when Stella Maxwell reveals her toned bod in the flesh: we’ve seen her in leggings, but that’s just not as motivating as seeing her in lingerie. Basically, we’ll taping pictures of Maxwell’s debut show on our fridge for the rest of forever.

6. Selena Gomez Performing Revival In Lingerie

Photo Via MTV

Selena Gomez has been conspicuously absent from the music game these past few months. We now know it was because of her battle with lupus, but the release of her new Revival, she’s back in the pop territory where she belongs. With each album, Gomez sheds her Disney skin bit by bit. She’s already in the nude on the cover of her new album, and what better way to fully cut the cord than with a performance on the VS stage? Especially if she wears some namesake VS lingerie.

7. The Weeknd and Rihanna Singing A Duet

Photo Via Billboard

This week, both Nicki Minaj and Eminem covered The Weeknd’s song The Hills, and Nicki even jumped on one of the Weeknd’s performances to showcase the remix. Is there anything better than Nicki Minaj collabbing with the Weeknd? Maybe: Rihanna collabing with the Weeknd on a never-before-heard tune!

8. People Getting Smacked In The Face With Wings

Photo Via Hollywood Life

Last year, Arianna Grande was #blessed enough to get smacked in the face with Elsa Hosk’s wings during her performance. Come on, when you have that many feathers and talented celebs in one place, shit’s gonna happen. I wonder who will get into an altercation this year courtesy of the iconic wings?

9. This Year’s Theme…

Photo Via Daily Mail

VS show is more mystical every year because of the fact that they always choose insanely theatrical themes. Two years ago, it was emojis, last year, it was the British Invasion. This year, I’m hoping for something even bigger: maybe a Pumpkin Spice theme? A vintage theme? A Netflix & Chill theme? The possibilities are endless!

10. Free Fantasy Bras For All!

Photo Via NY Daily News

On some very special years, Victoria’s Secret sends their iconic fantasy bra down the runway: they’re worth a cool mil and they’re encrusted with rubies, diamonds, sapphires and 18-karat gold. Getting your hands (or boobs) on one is as close to luxury as a person can ever hope to be. Imagine if Rihanna pulled a Taylor Swift and threw a handful of them into the audience for show goers to grab. If all the other magical makings of the show weren’t enough, the hope of getting one of those bras is an undeniable reason to buy a ticket.

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