10 Of The Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show #TBT Moments Told In GIFs

For most of us, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show means the holidays are here; it’s time to sit down with the DVR remote and a steaming cup of hot cocoa and watch a bunch of nearly naked models destroy our already damaged self-esteem. However, besides watching Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel earn their wings, and blow kisses at our television screens, the real reason we subject ourselves to this fantasy world, which suggests that lingerie is hand-crafted in Narnia and women’s bodies are sculpted by Greek deities, is for all the little parts in between. Now that this years is finally here tonight, we can’t help but reminisce on year’s past and all the little details that make the show an annual staple. Here is a compilation of the best moments that were impossible to miss if you were really paying attention.

1. When Rihanna’s runway walk put every model to shame.


2. When Cara Delevigne did not give a flying fuck during the finale.


3. When everyone, including Adriana Lima, was still crushing on Usher.


4. When Justin Bieber clearly couldn’t keep his boner in his pants.


5. When Jay-Z and Kanye turned the runway into a trap house.


6. When we all had no idea who the hell Taylor Swift was.


7. When Adam Levine was the boyfriend Anne Vyalitsyna had, but we all wanted.


8. When Heidi Klum and Seal melted our hearts like tiny little snowflakes. (Insert broken heart emoji)


9. When Naomi Campbell shut that shit down.


10. And then there was Giselle Bundchen. Enough said.


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