10 Of The Best Boozy Brunches In NYC

Key words I look for when doing brunch research: “bottomless,” “cheap,” and perhaps lastly, “delicious.”

I don’t really think you can f*ck up pancakes, so I’ll settle for sub-par hot cakes and really dope mimosas any day of the week.

Like true New Yorkers, we’re all about that boozy brunch life here in NYC. We’ve hand-picked some of our favorite places for getting lit and going face-deep on Eggs Benedict in the big apple.

1. Poco

They claim to have a “Legendary Brunch” and honestly, it’s a pretty good deal. For $32 you get an entree and your choice of bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, or sangria. I got the red sangria and it was dope.

2. Essex

Essex is the number one recommendation from my social circle. The food is awesome, the vibes are fun and relaxed, and it’s huge, so the chance of getting a table is always good. Plus, the service is primo.

3. Miss Lily’s

Miss Lily’s is a cool Jamaican restaurant with great music. The food is lit and the large menu gives you plenty of options. The drink menu is not limited to a pre-selected two options for the brunch crowd, so you have plenty of drank choices. Also, their drinks are pretty strong so you won’t have to spend tons of money to get turnt. Fun fact: they are also great with birthdays, because they have cake!

4. San Marzano

This was the go-to brunch spot of 2016, but I’m sad to say that now it’s too popular for my taste. Now, you have to make a reservation, even if it’s just you and bae. I’m sure the food is still good, but I haven’t been in 2017 due to the crowds.

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5. Van Diemens

According to my bestie Brynne, the brunchiest bitch of us all, this is the cheapest brunch she’s ever found. I mean, an $18 bottomless brunch is insane. Every dish on the brunch menu is under $15. But, be warned, these peeps know they got the goods, so the service is terrible (because they know you’ll wait for it).

6. Tio Pepe

This place is great for brunch for two rather than turning up with your squad. They have unlimited drinks and great papaya, but no one is trying to black out here. It’s definitely a place I would recommend for you and your boo, not the place for all your girls to go on a Sunday morning to discuss last night’s hookups. I mean, you can, but do it quietly.

7. Vamos

This place is like a club that happens to serve eggs. Their brunch has a live DJ. ‘Nuff said.

8. Supper

Okay, so it’s not bottomless, but three drinks for the price of one is pretty good. And they deliver!

9. Catch

Y’all have probably heard of Catch because its bougie af and always full of celebrities. The only time us peasants can go there is really brunch. They offer a prix fixe menu for two for $60 that includes a lot of food and a bottle of champagne. Go and people watch!

10. Hotel Chantelle

Did someone say chicken and waffles? These entrees don’t include a cocktail, but their brunch drinks start at 92 cents. 92 cents! Have a mimosa in our honor this weekend.

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