10 Not So Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Holidays are such a joyous time for everyone, one can guess the majority of people are a bit happier in these cold winter months. Eight days of presents, or the fat old man that comes to your house with remarkable goodies might pump up some moods. However, for those of you with an inner grinch, there’s no need to sludge through this stressful time faking your positive self. Sipping coffee or shopping to Jingle Bells and sexy Mariah Carey can get more annoying than slow wifi and shitty Instagrams. Here at Galore, we care about Grinches too. So log onto your Netflix account or spend a few bucks on OnDemand for some throwback flicks that will take your mind off this overly joyous time.

1. The Classic: Legally Blonde, this iconic flick starring Reese Witherspoon, will make you want to elect Elle Woods for this upcoming presidency.

2. The Comedy: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, lightweight fucked up but this tale of faking your true self can relate to some modern day two faced bitches.

3. The Tear Jerker: Silver Linings Playbook, If you haven’t seen this Oscar award winning movie with everyone’s crush, Jennifer Lawrence, stop what you’re doing and extend that lunch break till you finish every minute.

4. The Horror: The Exorcist (1973 version), not your average Netflix ‘n Chill kinda movie…

5. The Childhood Throwback: The Little Rascals, never thought 6 year olds humans could be cuter than minions.

6. The Rom Com: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, can Tinder set me up with this scenario?

7. The Family Appropriate: Bridge to Terabithia, could have been under the ‘tear jerker’ but this movie will leave you jaw dropped and wishing you were back in middle school.

8. The Theatrical Entertainment: Burlesque, if you want to pursue the career of sexy yet conservative stripper, this will give you the motivation. (Arguably Christina Aguilera’s finest looks).

9. The Based on a True Story: The Bling Ring, you will probably end up stealing all your Christmas gifts.

10. The Action: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, a throwback to one of life’s greatest gifts: a hottie with a whip.

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