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In the yoga world there are obviously not many people of color being represented. If you were to walk into your local studio you’re not going to see many who are clothed in melanin. Unfortunately, the probability you’ll spot more people that fall into that demographic globally is slim as well… More slim than the white women featured on the cover of yoga equipment and magazines, specifically.

In 2014, The Atlantic reported that out of the one in 15 people who practice yoga, more than four-fifths are white! Due to some socioeconomic issues, many people of color do not have access to yoga classes. Let’s get real, yoga is a pretty expensive activity for anyone.

This practice has been deemed for the upper class (a.k.a. wypipo) but these 10 phenomenal women of color are aiding in removing the stigma.


From her standpoints on equal rights and women empowerment, she is a yogi with a purpose and makes it known! Reminding you to aim for progress and not perfection, she motivates everyone with her inspirational captions and yogi challenges.


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Alex Kaufmann is everyone’s yogi crush. Just look at that bod! Straight goals! Along with the real life Windows background that is her place of practice, her flexibility is sickening and would encourage anyone to start doing a little yoga. Including the reminder to love yourself first, her account is a great dose of positivity.


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This LA-based yogi is on a mission to do more than just inspire, but teach! Organizing workshops all over the east coast, Racheal knows how to bring babes together to indulge in a calming yoga experience.


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Neo definitely sheds light on the underlying beauty of yoga and how easy it isn’t! She’s been practicing since 2013 and says that growth is key. The effort  it takes to master these challenging poses is displayed in her videos but her #NeoProgress posts tell it all.


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Tatted yogi Alex chimes in on yoga through a more meditative approach. Not only is she a yogi, but she’s also a writer and poet. Personal positive affirmations line her page along with verses from her book, Neon Soul. After a good session of lurking you’ll generally feel amazing.

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She’s an international yoga instructor who’s definitely “spiritually fly.” If you need inspiration as well as guidance, take her into consideration. She also teaches people how to be yoga instructors and stated in an insta post, “My program doesn’t teach you to be like me, my training uncovers the brilliance within and gives you the skills and confidence to share the practice as your authentic self.”


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This NYC-based yogi takes you on a journey through her timeline as she explores a wide range of poses. With the occasional meme, this yogi’s sense of humor peeks out from behind her beautiful natural hair and majestic skills.


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Trinidadian Wasia brings more than her yogi aesthetic to the table. She is also an artist, musician, and mother. Her page features her journey through pregnancy and after while still doing yoga.

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Founder of Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman College and, behold Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Need I say more? She has created a platform for yogis as well as college students to discuss, control and share their own narratives. Did I mention she was featured on the cover of the Yoga Journal in June?!


When you see that tapestry, you know it could only be Phyllicia. With her crazy henna skills accompanying her splendid yoga practices, she’s definitely yogi goals. Careful not to get distracted by her stylish yoga wear. She also hosts challenges like #HollowBackHearts and #YogiFlyGirls along with others.

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