10 Most Rebellious Madonna Moments

Queen Madonna got herself in a bit of hot water with the promotion of her latest album Rebel Heart. The pop icon posted images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bob Marley on her instagram that were altered to resemble her album art with the concept that these political figures also had #rebelhearts. This caused quite a backlash and uproar with people saying her posts are racist, insensitive and daring to consider herself among the ranks of these important figures. Now hold on a second. We’re not necessarily condoning Madonna’s recent behavior but isn’t that her thing? Controversy. Madonna has been rebellious since day one – breaking boundaries and not having second thoughts. It’s sort of impossible to deny that her controversial nature only ends up boosting her success and beloved moxy. Let’s take a look back at the Queen of Controversy’s most rebellious moments.


10. 1994 Letterman Sick F*ck

9. Body of Evidence Receives NC17 Rating


galore_mag_madonna_body of evidence1_january6

8. 1991 “Like A Virgin” Simulated Masterbation

7. 2003 “American Life” Video Pulled

6. 2012 MDNA Tour Nipple Reveal

Galore Mag Madonna

5.1984 “Like A Virgin” Wedding Dress

Galore Mag Madonna

4. 1991 Sex Book

Galore Mag Madonna

3. 2003 VMA Britney Spears Kiss
Galore Mag Madonna Britney Spears

2. 2006 Confessions Tour Cross

Galore Mag Madonna

1. 1985 Penthouse Full Nude

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