10 Low Budget Activities For Your Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is pretty much your last hope at enjoying summer. Before the weather says adios and your homies are back to work/school mode, squeeze out a little (or a lot) more fun. Summer probably drained your wallet, so here’s 10 low budget activities for the holiday weekend.

1. Spend the next 72 hours soaking your soul with some uv rays before winter hits hard and the tan lines fade.

2. Set up a pickup game of some sports you haven’t played since elementary school, kickball, dodgeball, foursquare! NEVER ENDING EXCITEMENT.

3. See the new hit movie WAYF and then your weekend nights will be filled with Zac Efron dreams. Plus, it may inspire your inner DJ. New hobby? 

4. Go to your local pet store and buy a new furry friend! Hamsters are like 20$…

5. Thrifffffttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might as well start shopping for the perfect winter coat.

6. Step up your ear game and get a few funky piercings. If you’re not sure what to buy, check out Danielle Bernstein’s Instagram for some serious earring inspiration.  

7. Get a tattoo…

8. Find a silent disco and bring a few friends, these things are actually so entertaining (mostly because it’s hilarious)!

9. Switch up the classic labor day BBQ with a homemade sushi party instead!

10. For our Californian babes, if you haven’t driven down the PCH in a while, you must. It’s magnificent to experience with friends, plus the 3 day weekend leaves enough time for a road trip.

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