10 Body Insecurities Guys Actually Love

If I tell you to picture the type of girl that every dude wants, what comes to mind?

Probably some ridiculously skinny chick, with huge boobs, a huge butt, perfect skin, a golden tan, and a face that always looks like it’s contoured.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Sure, some guys dig this, but just like how you and your BFF have different taste in guys, guys have their own tastes in girls.

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In fact, we found a Reddit thread where guys confessed the things they loved to see in a girl that weren’t typically viewed as Victoria’s Secret-model-esque.

You shouldn’t be changing your appearance to please the male population regardless, but considering all the ridiculous beauty and body standards women get thrown from all sides, it’s nice to know there are dudes who love girls who aren’t “perfect.”

1. Pale Skin

Pasty girls are often insecure about their skin, but apparently, it’s NBD.

“I like pale skin. Like, really pale. It may have to do with the fact that I’m not exactly bronzed myself, but there it is.” – wolfman1911

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2. Short Hair

“Short hair on women. Like really short…” – Satherton

Don’t buy into cray extensions to look like a Disney princess, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who can pull off short – or no – hair.

3. Being Tall AF

“Really tall women. I guess a bunch of men are insecure about taller women, but I love it.” – Helium_3

F dudes who try to convince you not to wear heels because they’re short! Not your problem.

4. Being Strong AF

“Muscular women is definitely my answer. Not the Anavar-and-bolt-ons look, but definitely more of a thick limbed style than is currently popular.” – Singulaire

Because women with real asses have thick legs to match.

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5. Big Ears

“I like girls with big ears and I have no clue why.” – TheBlindGuardian

Maybe cuz they’re cute?

6. Gap Teeth

“I love gaps in teeth.” – yourfavoritecake

If Lara Stone can rock it, you can too.

7. Cellulite

“A little cellulite on the thighs and butt. Gets the motor goin!” – X-pert-conqueror

Okay, honestly, bae right here.

8. Belly Pooches

“Chubby bellies and love handles on women.” – Dajbman22

Yes. Yes. Yes.

9. Big Noses

“Big noses.” – TheVelvetWall

So many models have prominent noses, so save yourself the fake breathing problems in hopes of a nose job.

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10. And The Big Winners

These aren’t body issues, but I had to include these because they’re hilarious. It’s so true that so many guys are intimidated by a boss lady that can out-earn them and has actual shit to do! Good to know that there are some real men out there.

“I know some guys that hate this, but I’m always really attracted to women who are independent, borderline neurotic about work/school, and maybe even more successful/driven than me. I’m basically Ne-Yo.” – colmenar

“Someone who is smart and incisive, who has no problem telling me what’s wrong with my life and can stop me on my tracks, make me rethink stuff and basically improves my life a witty comment a time. Would wife a woman like that in a heartbeat.” – MrDeMS

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