Look On The Bright Side: 6 Good Things About Winter

Winter has and always will be the enemy. When I was younger and my friends rejoiced over snow-days, headed to the local middle school to sled, I hid in my house with a cup of hot cocoa. When my friends decided to take a trip up to Canada to ski, I didn’t even bother renting skiis and chose to spend my time in the hot-tub or at the bar. Now that we have (hopefully) survived the majority of the winter, I guess I can give it some kudos for the few good things about the snowy season.

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1. The Crunch Under Your Boots When It’s Snowy/Icy


Ooh man, you know those weird little things that get you going? Like the smell of fresh cut grass or when you get the perfect scoop of ice cream? Yeah, I f***ing love the sound of crunchy snow under my Doc Martens when I’m trudging through the snow wishing I was in Miami.

2. Your Hair Isn’t a Frizzy Mess


In summertime, I have pretty much accepted that I’m either going to look like I just had sex (maybe I did) or that I’m trying to be the next Bob Marley. In the winter time? I can actually straighten my hair at night and miraculously wake up with straight hair the next morning- it’s pretty incredible.

3. You Have An Excuse To Stay In


Want to hide under your covers with a bowl of ramen and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix all day? No one is judging you. After all, if you go outside you’ll probably get pneumonia or something, and you would never want to risk it.

4. Leggings Everyday are Socially Acceptable


Although Fall and early Winter is awesome because you can be super stylish without sweating your ass off (bring on multiple layers and furry vests), at a certain point in the winter time there’s no reason to even try to look cute. Who’s going to notice your new Wildfox tank top when you have to hide it under 2 sweaters and a coat? And forget about wearing your Steve Madden leopard loafers in the snow. Invest in some lined leggings and you’re good to go, no one is going to care if you wear them  three times a week, they’re busy trying to melt the ice off of their car.

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5. It’s Cuffing Season


Okay, maybe this isn’t really a good thing. But it is pretty damn funny when all the guys you haven’t talked to in months start hitting you up at the first sign of a blizzard. It’s even better when you start getting Tinder messages of dude’s asking you to be their “snowstorm girlfriend.” Although you shouldn’t be naive enough to fall into their plots, nothing wrong with enjoying a few free dinners and drinks from dudes who want a chick to keep them (and their dicks) warm for the winter.

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6. You Can Slack On Your Beauty Routine


Hey maybe you can actually grow out your hair long enough this winter for you to get a wax come spring time! Or you can mercilessly pig out on holiday cookies knowing that nobody’s going to notice the extra pounds under your North Face jacket. And there’s really no reason to get your toe-nails done if they’re hiding in boots for months, right?

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