10 Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs

It’s been known that certain foods are aphrodisiacs, aka foods that increase your libido, causing an arousal of sorts. Weak in knees, sweating, excited! Take a look at this list below and see what you need on your next adventure to the grocery store:


Is Sushi an Aphrodisiac? Absolutely! Think about it. You use chopsticks to carefully put slippery, wet, sometimes warm things into your mouth. Sushi is bound to be an aphrodisiac from that description alone. But scientifically, seaweed, a staple ingredient in sushi has plenty of Vitamin E aka “the banging vitamin” so to speak.

Galore Mag - Sushi

Wasabi & Ginger
If/when you decide to pull a Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’, have a close girl friend place the sushi rolls on your naked body. Dinner. Is. Served. But wait! Be sure to keep the ginger and wasabi close by for dipping, the spiciness will have him feeling very hot!

Can I hit it in the morning?

Egg yolk
Believe it or not, egg yolk is an aphrodisiac. The yolk of the egg increases desire. So ladies keep those eggs sunny side up in the morning.

Go ahead and drop some honey into your man’s coffee because honey is loaded with B vitamins, which increases testosterone production!

Galore Mag - Honey

A snack that will forever be considered awkward to eat in public places like the subway, stoplights, and just strolling down the street. Maybe others are just waiting to see what you do once the banana is gone, maybe they know it’s a secret aphrodisiac. (Or they simply love watching you eat it because they imagine the banana as their peen and they’re dying to know what kind of head you’d give- yeah my bets are on that one).

Galore Mag - Bananas

Is this a joke? They taste bland af, RIGHT? Well, apparently they can get you pretty hot so don’t hesitate to grab a handful the next time you see the community bowl sitting on the bar.

The “other” Viagra and the perfect picdick I mean picnic snack. So juicy! So sweet! Watermelon contains citrulline which is an amino acid that helps men with blood vessel dilation. For a sweet drink, mix watermelon juice with some liquor and that works too.

Galore Mag - Watermelon

Chocolate Dreams

Chocolate covered anything
Chocolate is considered one of the more well known aphrodisiacs because it has phenylethylamine (PEA) which is a stimulant that makes you feel all happy and aroused. This goes for chocolate covered berries, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered peen or anything your heart desires. Cherries and berries both are said to increase pheromone production. While you’re at it, you may as well get out the whipped cream.

Surprise, Surprise

Another all too familiar aphrodisiac includes oysters. Oysters look like lady bits and win for that reason alone. However they also contain a ton of zinc (helps stimulate the activity of 100 different enzymes + stimulates for activity).

Galore Mag - Oysters

Okay so alcohol is always the go to for weird situations, and hey sometimes they DO make him look hot(er)? Right? Right. So here is a cocktail that is sure to get that blood pumping with two favorites of mine: vodka & chocolate. You’ll just need a few things:

1/5 parts wild cherry infused vodka
1/5 parts coconut flavored vodka
1/5 dark chocolate liquor
1 splash of coconut syrup
coconut powder

Galore Mag - Cocktails

Put the vodkas, chocolate syrup and chocolate in an ice shaker and shake it hard. Now line the cocktail glass with cocoa (I bet he’s in love with the cocoa) and enjoy!

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