Here are the top 10 celebs girls want guys to look like

In the deep, dark corners of the night, when you’re mindlessly scrolling through Tinder under your duvet cover, don’t you ever simply wish you could find a guy with the body of Michael Phelps and the face of Barack Obama?

Well, you’re not the only one, and thanks to a new app, you can try your damn darnedest!

The dating app Badoo has recently launched a feature to help their users find new baes that look like anyone they lust after – from their favorite rapper to their high school crush. The app uses facial technology, so even if it’s not a well-known celebrity, Badoo will do their best to find a doppelganger.

So, which celebs are girls most hoping to find a lookalike for? According to the app, these are the top 10 dudes that women search. Some are… interesting choices.

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1. Barack Obama

Okay Barack is honestly a daddy. He was an amazing president, is a family man, and still knows how to turn up. This one’s not surprising.

2. Kevin Durant

It was a honor to be in the movie thunderstruck

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Kind of rando, but I guess if you’re somebody who actually follows sports, you might be into this. Or, you’re simply forgetting that a Kevin Durant lookalike won’t actually have the real Kevin Durant’s money and busy travel schedule.

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3. Chris Evans

#BlackandWhite 📸: @TonyDuranPhoto –

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Another rando, but I guess some girls’ panties drip over Captain America, which is the only noteworthy movie I can attribute to Chris Evans. Unless you’re still crushing on him from Not Another Teen Movie, which is fair because he still looks hot af in that.

4. Chris Pratt

The best thing about Chris Evans isn’t his banging bod and cute personality, it’s the fact that his glow-up into hunk status was fairly recent.. Everybody knows a guy who’s been sexy all his life is probably an asshole, but Chris is a newbie to the being bangable scene!

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5. Justin Bieber

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He may be slowly going insane, but Biebs is still easy on the eyes (most of the time).

6. Tiger Woods

Do you think girls are hoping to find the real Tiger Woods since he clearly has a cheating problem?

7. Michael Phelps

I personally don’t see the allure with Michael Phelps, although I guess his bod is pretty A-1.

8. Anwar Hadid

Hugo boss #ad

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Anwar is almost jailbait, but he actually recently turned 18 so I guess you creeps are good on this one. Barely.

9. Jake Gyllenhall


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People still care about this guy?

10. Donald Trump

President Trump at the #G20Summit in #Hamburg, #Germany. #USA 🇺🇸

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Anybody who looked Trump up was clearly trolling, because even if someone is deranged enough to support his policies, I doubt there’s anyone who wants to bang someone who looks like him.

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