10 Best Quotes From “Sh*t LITTLE Fashion Girls Say”

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Our favorite fashionista P’Trique is back with another “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” video but this time we take a trip back in time to her childhood. As she reminisces over her ever so chic early years, we get some of the best quotes, and if you’re a child of the 80s/90s it’s sure to take you down memory lane. And we are assured that Ms P’Trique was always this *Totes Amaze*

10 best little P’Trique quotes:

-“She said it was vintage, but it was actually just a hand me down… from her sister.”

-“I just wish Keds were more…chic.”

-“Who does she think she is? Kimmy Gibbler?”

-“Clarissa is my style icon, she really explains it all.”

-“I’m doing The little mermaid, on land, in neon, with a bow.”

-“Did you see the new American Girl doll? She’s kind of chubby.”

-“Peter Rabbit only eats carrots; he’s my thinspiration.”

-“Ooh your arms look so good! Have you been doing the monkey bars?!”

-“Osh Kosh B’gosh is she really wearing that?”

-“TheTopsy tail should never, ever ever ever ever make a comeback”

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