10 Beauty Lessons From Miley Cyrus’ Maybe Girlfriend Stella Maxwell

Ever since Miley Cyrus told the world that her past relationships haven’t strictly been of the “straight, heterosexual” variety, people have been dying to link the pop star to a woman.  Regardless of the fact that Miley has explicitly chosen not to label her sexuality, there’s nothing people seem to love more than lesbians.  Especially heterosexual men.

Even though it took a couple weeks, the press finally found that woman: Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell.  This Belgian-born, New Zealand-raised bombshell has been photographed time and time again with Cyrus, most recently walking out of a “swanky” New York hotel together.  According to an interview with V Magazine, the two met because Cheyne Thomas, Miley’s manager/bestie reached out to her about the possibility of taking some photos, and you know the kinds of photos he likes to take: the naked kind.

Regardless of whether or not the two beauties are actually dating or just really close friends, there’s a lot we could learn about beauty from Stella.  Here are just 10 of those lessons.

1. Top knots can be just as sexy as tousled hair


2. If you want colored hair, but aren’t willing to make a commitment, there’s no shame in getting wiggy with it


3. When it comes to whimsical makeup, sometimes less is more


4. There’s no such thing as too much pussy


5. And while we’re speaking of pussy, it’s important to always keep yours as fresh as possible – you never know what opportunities may come your way


6. The bigger the choker, the badder the bitch


7. There’s no wrong place to show your ass, so wear thongs when leaving the house as much as possible




8. If you’re not feeling so confident about your look but you know your friend is going to take a picture of you anyway, just cover up whatever’s not working for you and sell it – so long as you look confident, the world won’t think you’re hiding anything…well, besides a secret girlfriend, that is.


9. Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you should let your style game slip – you can’t count on your makeup to always be on point, but nothing says I’m a fitness goddess like matching athletic wear.


10. And last, but not least, Miley Cyrus is the best accessory a girl could ever have.





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