1 in 4 Harvard Seniors Haven’t Had Sex, and Five Other Things You Need To Know

6 things that if you didn’t know, now you know:

1. FIFA’s enormous corruption scandal broke this week. The world is shocked—not that the multi-billion soccer association is corrupt (FIFA has a long, extensive, and documented history of corruption), but because the US and Swiss governments aren’t doing anything about it. John Oliver breaks down the who, what, and why of exactly what makes FIFA so terrible in this entertaining video.

(Also, The Onion had a field day with this)

2. In a story that might exist solely for the purpose of making non-Ivy attending peasants feel better, an astonishing 1 in 4 students in Harvard’s graduating class didn’t have sex during their time in college. Also revealed in the senior survey is that over 14% of graduating women had been sexually assaulted while attending Harvard.


3. One of my absolute favorite moments in House of Cards was near the end of this last season. Russian President Viktor Petrov and U.S. President (spoiler alert!) Frank Underwood are engaged in a fierce discussion over a gay American activist jailed in Russia due to Petrov’s law banning all “gay propaganda”, when the Russian President casually admits that he has no personal stake in the law:

“Personally I don’t care for the law. Two of my cabinet ministers are gay. My ex-wife’s nephew is gay, the one who is basically like a son to me.”

He explains,

“Is the gay propaganda law barbaric? Yes. Of course it is. But religion, tradition, for most of my people, it’s in their bones. This law was passed for them. I have to represent my people the same way you do.”

And so it’s hard not to wonder sometimes, how many conservative politicians actually give a shit about the “integrity of marriage”? 

Well, there’s one less politician you have to wonder about: George W. Bush, who actively fought to impose a constitutional same-sex marriage ban for years, offered to officiate a lesbian wedding in 2013. You can’t make this shit up.

4. Chances are, as an inhabitant of the internet, you think Richard Prince is a creepy scum degenerate thief who doesn’t deserve to be called an artist. For the unaware, Richard Prince is an artist who most recently made six-feet prints from screen-captures of other peoples’ Instagram pictures last year and sold them for upwards of $40,000.

Last week, word got out that Prince printed one of internet alt-community SuicideGirls‘ Instagrams and sold it for $90,000. Missy Suicide had this to say on the SuicideGirls Instagram:

“I don’t know anyone who can spend $90,000 on anything other than a house…I’m just bummed that his art is out of reach for people like me and the people portrayed in the art he is selling.” Sounds about right to me.

For a rather interesting (or brown-nosing, depending on your perspective) defense of Richard Prince, check out New York Observer’s art critic Jerry Saltz explain that Prince is actually just a genius troll.

For some hilarious takedowns of both Prince and Saltz, what I’d like to call the most highbrow (pretentious) art-world YouTube comment-style-insults on the internet, I gift you with the angriest cyber-mob of art-appreciators you’ve ever seen: the comment section of the same article.

5. Researchers in California began recruiting subjects to study the value of MDMA (the active ingredient in Molly and Ecstasy) as a clinical anxiety reducer. They’re hoping to better understand the benefits it could have on autistic adults, people suffering from PTSD, and others suffering from severe mental illness. VICE ran a short but fascinating interview with the lead researcher.

6. On Tuesday, prosecutors in the Colorado theater mass-shooting entered gunman James Holmes’ notebook into evidence. With pages of incomprehensible calculations and equations and entire pages scrawled with the word “Why?” over and over, the journal is a haunting and rare look into the brain of a psychopath preparing to kill. The New York Times is displaying his journal in its entirety here (just don’t say I didn’t warn you), and you can read about the trial surrounding it here.

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