Science Says Texting Is Actually Great for Your Relationship

Ever notice how in romantic comedies, couples never seem to text?

It’s probably because Hollywood couples are perfect, right? If your relationship was perfect, your communication with bae would probably consist of hour-long phone calls and cutely coordinated video chats, right?


Contrary to what you would expect, a new study rates texting as the best form of communication to improve relationship satisfaction.

The study explains that the lack of verbal cues and visual imagery actually boosts idealization of your partner, making you more enamored with them.

The study’s co-author explained to Tech Insider that:

“The couples that are really happy are not the ones that see their partners completely realistically. Their perceptions of the other person is a little distorted. These couples think their partners are amazing, special, and better than average, and that’s what makes them feel satisfied.”

The study, which surveyed 200 college students, found that the average couple spent an hour texting per day. The study also concluded that this constant communication via text message is what could make or break a couple’s happiness. After all, it’s easy to muse about how perfect your boyfriend is when he sends a “good morning” text or a shirtless selfie and you’re nowhere near his actual morning breath.

Since this study was done only on heterosexual college students, it is unclear how it affects other couples. Our guess is that older couples may not feel the same way about consistent texting throughout the day.

Image via Trollsen Twins

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