This 1 Box Has Everything You Need for Fleeky Brows

Thanks to Urban Decay, I understand what it’s like to have eyebrows now.

By that, I mean I barely have eyebrows on a normal day. They’re not thick and they’re super light (or invisible) in photos, meaning my forehead often looks empty for miles until my eyelids start. I’m at the point where my friends are commenting on photos saying, “Wow you actually look like you have eyebrows here.”

Even worse than having no eyebrows is having eyebrows that appear too dark or unnatural, which is often my experience with eyebrow pencils or other kits that don’t carry my shade. Finding the right product is goals.

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So when Galore received a few Urban Decay Brow Box kits, I was skeptical. I was expecting to go from zero to Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible and  I wasn’t excited. To my surprise, I ended up with an incredibly defined, but still natural look. It’s the kind of eyebrow look I would do every day, not just for a night out. I didn’t look like a super villain.

My current eyebrow process involves concealer, a long brow brush, multiple eyebrow pencils, a beauty blender, and a lot of luck. All the products I use for my eyebrows take up major real estate in my makeup pouch. Sometimes I leave half that shit at home to make room for other more important makeup looks.

Conversely, the Brow Box is teeny and it has everything. It includes the most adorable set of tweezers, a baby brow brush, and a mini spoolie. So I can maintain my eyebrows and put them in their place wherever I’m at. When I flashback to the time I needed an emergency tweezer five minutes before a job interview, I wish I had this kit. The only con of all the micro tools is that the size makes them feel awkward in my hands, but I guess that’s a sacrifice you have to make for the convenience. I’m hoping my handle on the tools improves with practice.

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Brow Box has an eyebrow wax that lets me finagle my eyebrow hairs into position, which is something they have a serious problem doing between threading appointments. It’s made of aloe, beeswax, and coconut, so it feels really silky and moisturizing, rather than goopy. According to Urban Decay, you can use the wax before the brow powder to define the shape of your brows and see where color is needed, or after to keep the hairs in place.

The kit also comes with two shades of brow powder that you can blend to make sure you’re getting your exact shade, which is necessary to avoid unnatural looking eyebrows. Literally, I’ve found this next to impossible with just one eyebrow pencil (and is the reason I have to use two, which still doesn’t achieve the same effect). Since finding a shade that is correct for me is hard, the fact that this comes with two shades and allows me to blend them is my favorite part about the whole kit.

It’s $30 at Sephora and totally worth it. I’ll definitely buy it when this one finishes.

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