Listen To Justin Bieber Rap About Being Drunk And Having Sex

He may have just come off the bench, but Justin Bieber is doing everything right now. He’s breaking Spotify records, pissing off Lena Dunham, crying at awards shows, and most importantly, he’s rapping about getting drunk and having sex with a girl named Maria.  Speaking on behalf of Maria’s everywhere, let me say that we could NOT be more excited about this.

Even though he’s made his career off of squeaky clean pop songs, “Maria I’m Drunk” isn’t the first time a Justin Bieber rap has won our hearts. If you’re not familiar with Justin Bieber’s guest verse on the 2013 cult classic “Lolly”, where he rhymed ‘casino‘ with ‘pellegrino‘ and boasted that “he’s got your girl at his crib watching Netflix,” you clearly haven’t been living. Sure, as a rapper Justin’s even softer than Drake, but the boy has an ear with rhymes (and he’s just so gosh darn adorable).

Bieber showed up to Travis Scott’s listening party for his debut album “Rodeo” on Thursday night at hip West Village club Up&Down, where the drinks are expensive and there’s almost more people who have bottle service than don’t. It’s the same spot where Drake had his Govoner’s Ball After Party, which I was lucky enough to attend, but not lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the boy. So it goes.

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After surprising the crowd to perform “Maria I’m Drunk” with Scott, Justin Bieber got himself up on a table, started grinding and then pulled Kendall Jenner up there, because who wants to stare at Justin when they could stare at Kendall? Call it a public service.

Afterwards, the party continued upstairs where Scott and Bieber performed “What Do You Mean” “Where Are U Now” and “Maria I’m Drunk” for a second time, because the song is that good.  Trust me, baby, trust me.  I’m on my 6th listen, and I’m probably going in for a 7th.

Even though Travis said he wouldn’t “drop my album unless I had KiD CuDi on it”, Rodeo’s available on iTunes now. In addition to Justin Bieber, Rodeo features The Weeknd, 2 Chainz, Young Thug and Future. Even if you’re not interested in the rest of the album, if you want to get your hands on “Maria I’m Drunk,” you’re gonna have to spend $10.99 because not only is the song an album-only exclusive, but it’s not on Spotify either.


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