Issue #2: Women Who Rock!


ROAR!! Galore Magazine is back and ready to pounce! The question is, ARE YOU READY?!

We are wildly excited (like a cat in heat!) to reveal to you our second super sexy issue, the aptly titled WOMEN WHO ROCK, starring none other than the fairest/foxiest supermodel of them all, Chanel Iman (yes, we know, we really outdid ourselves…!!) as our killer cover girl. She pouts, she purrs, she eats boy toys for breakfast! Well, not really, but she’ll likely cause a serious schvitzing/goosebumps combo. So, why are the photos supremely stunning, you ask? (Besides Iman being flaw-free and all…) Well, we got our girl and lauded fashion photographer/provocateur, Ellen von Unwerth, to help bring out Iman’s titilating alter ego (who, PS, she’ll never name because “that’s corny,” as Iman explains in our awesome interview which you’ll find inside the issue, and/or RIGHT HEEERE.) You may recall that we’ve already had the dream and privilege of working with Unwerth — FYI, she shot issue number one’s covergirl, Ashley Smith — although there’s no way you could have forgotten that S&M madness. We personally can’t wait to add our Iman x Galore cover poster right next to Ashley doing her vixen thing on our bedroom wall ASAP. Best alarm clock ever, right?

Back to the issue. So, Iman’s vampy voyeuristic spread isn’t the only thing we’ve got for ya that may result in heart palpitations. You’ll also find then drool over a sea of talented beauties with a take-no-prisoners’ ‘tude, from emerging musicians like former stripper-turned-buzzed-about-rapper, Brooke Candy, and Courtney Love protege, Liza Thorn, to bonafide icons like film renegade (and Rocky Balboa’s wife!), Talia Shire, and iconic rock ‘n’ roll musician and songwriter, Linda Perry. But that’s not all…The infamous Cat MarnellGalore‘s Beauty Editor, is back with her unapologetic sex and beauty columns; It models on the fashion world’s radar, Elsa Hosk and Andrej Pejic, pose it up in Studio 54-meets-Pin-Up-bombshell salacious spreads; Controversial sex kitten, Paz de la Huerta, gives a filter-free interview about her shocking spiritual reinvention — PLUS a first look at her paintings produced whilst fighting to recover from a serious injury. GALORE GIRL POWER!

On a scale of 1-10, how excited have we made you so far? Are you shivering as a result of sexy sartorial overload? Have you spilled your coffee on your MacBook yet? Be very careful, kittens because there’s MORE…


Another question: What’s life without a party?! I don’t want to know, and you won’t have to answer that either because…

We’re celebrating Women Who Rock with — oh hey! — a  THREE-PART series. In other words, it’s time to go HAM! *Breathe in, breathe out* Okay, but seriously though… we’re gonna pop it off Gotham Galore style. If you’re a specifics type of person, then here’s the details: this evening (which means tonight, Wednesday the 27th). 1030 – til you collapse on the dance-floor. Le Bain at the Standard Hotel. YES PLEASE. The night will involve us getting into some good ole debauchery with assistance from the evening’s hostesses-with-the-mostess(es?!), kick-ass musician Kate Nash and Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Rookie, Kate (if-looks-could-kill-we’d-all-be-in-a-coffin) Bock. You’ll find both of those ladies being all kinds of unfairly gorgeous up in the issue, in addition to super talented babes Nomi Ruiz, May Kwok and Liza Thorn, all of whom will be providing the booty-bouncing-inducing tunes for the evening. So yeah, we’ll ask again: Are you ready?

Oh, and ONE MORE THING! We hope you’ve booked your ticket to Coachella, because we’ll be raising hell in Palm Springs and then going out with a bang at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Details to come. Until then, see you at Le Bain’s bar… tonight. We’ll be the ones double fisting dirty martinis — It’s totally gonna be that kind of night. Meow!

GALORE-Issue2-Kate-Bock copys GALORE-Issue2-Grace-Jonesss IMG_1713Ebwm

chanel 3

PS. You can get your fashion-y fingers on Galore’s Women Who Rock Issue #2 starting tomorrow at Opening Ceremony, and then everywhere that matters next week. Oh! And/or keep visiting us here at as we little-by-little upload our model-heavy masterpiece.


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