Pussy Playlist: 11 Songs to Bone To Right Now

Work is overrated, so ditch the office. Call up your f*** buddy for some afternoon delight and get these tunes going. It’s worth noting that we’ve included 11 songs here because we believe in your ability to go the distance. Go get em girl.

‘Two Weeks’ by FKA Twigs

‘Put A Little Umph In It’ by Jagged Edge

‘Up In It’ by Wiz Khalifa

‘Grippin’ by Sean Garrett

‘Bed’ by J. Holiday

‘Pony’ by Ginuwine

‘Skin’ by Rihanna

‘Scratchin’ Me Up’ by Trey Songz

‘Songs on 12 Play’ by Chris Brown & Trey Songz

‘What You Need’ by The Weeknd

‘Love Like Honey’ by Pretty Ricky

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